A word about hustings, and why you don’t know who all the candidates are

Most organisations arranging hustings or printing election-related news sheets went to print weeks ago.  They only included candidates they knew or found on websites long before close of Nominations on 09 April.  Close of Nominations is the day candidates turn legit – when you go live.  Or it should be.  Publicity arranged prior to that day would only include about two-thirds, maybe fewer, of the candidates.

To help voters have a more rounded view of all candidates in future, I wonder whether for the next election the Electoral Commission should advertise its rules and obligations for hustings organisers, and the like, at least a month before the dissolution of Parliament, spelled out across all media platforms, repeatedly?

Hustings aside, I prefer meeting constituents face-to-face, having a good chat, learning your priorities directly, and talking through what you see the solutions as being.

So over the next few days, I want to catch up with as many of you as possible in person, around and about in  Walthamstow.  But if I can’t see you in person, please do just get in touch online to have a chat. #vote4ellie

Another great afternoon

Had a great time at a local wind quintet concert, who were playing lots of jollies I used to hack through in my youth when I was a little French Horn player! Tremendous to talk to the musicians and meet the audience afterwards.  Then popped in to meet some LGBT parents. Utterly beautiful kiddies, deeply loving families, excellent play scheme,…

Whipps matters most, and having a non-party candidate to vote for!

Hectic but brilliant afternoons yesterday and today on the High Street market, meeting campaigning colleagues from the parties and having a chuckle at each other whilst worrying about the big issues.  Meeting loads of residents who all want Whipps Cross saved.  That’s the one thing that really made me stand in the end, wanting to help to save Whipps, so…

Letter to Walthamstow from your truly independent candidate

Dear Walthamstow

How will you vote in the General Election?  Are you dissatisfied with the mainstream parties?  Are you thinking of a protest vote, but debating if it’s worth it?

Are you looking for an alternative to party hacks?

What I can offer

I can offer you that alternative: a genuinely independent candidate.  I have never belonged to a political party – I have always been unaffiliated.

My belief in democracy, diversity and social welfare is borne out of real-world experience and freedom of thought.

Over 25 years I have successfully campaigned cross-party.  My respect for others’ values has never compromised my own.  My advantage in helping Walthamstow residents is a network of politicians, NGOs and mass movement activists drawn from a broad ideological spectrum to help get things done.

I learned how to bring people on board and deliver results in politics early on.  I was elected to represent the welfare needs of the largest single-institution student constituency in the country at that time.  It meant successfully juggling complex casework, London-wide campaigning and being held directly accountable 24/7.

That early grounding has informed my values ever since – the need for accountability, for properly funded public services, for social cohesion, for tolerance, fairness and justice for all.

More than just politics

Politics is not all I offer.  My working career has been in multi-sector admin.  Yet despite being at the sharp end of capitalism for the last 20 years, I have also organised large voluntary music events and run sizeable charity fundraising projects – knowledge and skills that can benefit you.


Given my diverse experience, I am realistic about the challenges any MP faces; I recognise the limits of what your local MP can achieve.

But undeterred, with my passion, determination and commitment, together we can make living and working in Walthamstow even better.


Vote for me on 07 May.  Vote for a better future for Walthamstow and vote ‘Ellie Merton’.

Best wishes


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