Vote Remain at the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016

Vote Remain

My well-known criticism of EU economic and monetary policy and its treatment of Greece, Spain, Italy, and all the other countries struggling to recover from the economic crashes of the last decade, does not lead me to feel that the EU is wholly bad for the UK.

In fact, I see it as completely the opposite.  If an already sovereign and entirely independent but deeply lazy and unenlightened UK Govt had bothered to be more involved in the EU; got throughly engaged in moderating EU policy towards Greece, recognising the knock-on effects on the UK; bothered to recognise the disasters of destroying the Middle East looming before it; and been effective in its humanitarian efforts to stop the destruction of Syria, then we would not be looking at this extraordinary set of incompetent circumstances precipitating us to destroy the nowadays precarious stability of Britain.

Today’s circumstances have been conjured out of thin air purely by our sovereign and entirely independent UK Govt, without any reference to the EU at all.  The current batch of deeply incompetent Conservatives in power has freely allowed the loony English far right to create a case for the vast majority of the English electorate (Scottish, Irish and Welsh electorates are not so stupid) to feel it is worth risking trashing the UK economy and the lifestyle, environment and working rights that we all enjoy or rely on.  The English, alone, appear determined to jetison the one institution that has mercifully become a partial brake on the worse excesses of the UK Govt’s country-crippling policies of recent years.

Our current Conservative Govt has been grossly arrogant and foolish in not pointing out its own policies alone have caused the problems that the English in particular suffer today (the cutting of services and daily living support).  This cowardly ‘culpability’ vacuum has left the field completely open to an impressively slick, purely fascist, propaganda campaign that has hoodwinked the English like no other.  The English have forgotten what fascism looks like and, in their anger at seeing their lifestyles and freedoms degraded, have fallen for a Leave campaign Goebbels would have been proud of.

The Leave campaign, however, is based on a long-standing minority desire to favour an English-only race and rid the country of anyone who is not white, heterosexual and able-bodied.  Leave leaders ultimately want to get rid of job protections and financial support for the low waged or unwaged and force charity alone to pick up the pieces; curtail rights for women including removing abortion rights; destroy environmental protections; pull apart the welfare system including removing state support to the elderly that includes state pensions; end free medical treatment for all at the point of need; stop state support for those with disabilities; end rights for those of non-heterosexual persuasions; curtail education support across all strata of education and privatise the lot; ramp up energy prices by doing away green energy and pushing ahead with fracking; not fund the rebuilding of industry and instead privatise as much as possible.  All this would lead to only the top few percentages of the population being able to afford to live reasonably in a shrunken state that will revert to Dark Ages’ levels of insecurity, belligerence, patronage and decay.  Leave is based on removing funding for the Welsh, Irish and Scottish parliaments; breaking up the Union to leave each constituent country to fend for itself; and closing down migration from the Commonwealth or any countries with black/asian or non-English speaking populations.  Do you think other countries will want to trade with what will become an expensive pariah state?  Will NATO or even the US be bothered to bail a shrunken, isolated England out of its disasters?  Leave is a mirage of free ocean bounty, veiling an arid desert of modern-day fascism that, ironically within living memory, we fought on all fronts to overcome in order to maintain a more diverse, prosperous, humane people.

Surely the odd external sign might make people suspicious of Leave?  Only the UK’s most debilitating enemies and political factions, that pretend to be great allies but are largely belligerently xenophobic with huge economic and societal problems of their own, are in favour of the Leave campaign.  Saner countries and centrist left or centrist right parties, that actually have the UK’s diverse people’s better interests at heart, want the UK to Remain.

On June 23rd, your choice is to Vote Fascist: Vote Leave and then watch amazed as your country implodes, run by ever more clueless and immoveable right wing imbeciles who will selfishly pull Britain to pieces and leave you with nation-wide poverty you never dreamed possible.

Or you can Vote Sane: Vote Remain then push hard for a British General Election to get rid of the rank incompetence of our current, Conservative Government that’s created this steaming, stinking pile of… mess, whilst also demanding your country engages more in Europe as a moderating influence at all levels.

Your choice, indeed.  But don’t be in any doubt: being part of the EU is our only saving grace at the moment.  #Vote Remain


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